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Respite Care

Regular breaks are essential to maintaining the health and wellbeing of carers and those they support.

What is In-Home Respite Care?

In-home respite care allows caregivers a well-deserved break whilst ensuring their loved ones continue to receive exceptional care in a familiar environment.

Whether you need time for personal tasks, social activities, or a holiday, our in-home respite care services are tailored to your unique situation.

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Benefits of In-Home Respite Care

Benefits For Caregivers:

As a carer it is important to take care of your own physical and mental wellbeing, so you don’t become stressed or burnt out. Respite care provides primary caregivers with the opportunity to take a break, attend appointments, go on a holiday, or tend to their hobbies and personal relationships.

Benefits For Participants:

In-home respite ensures that Participants receive personalised care by a qualified and experienced support worker in a comfortable, familiar environment. This ensures minimum disruption to routines and also gives you the chance to meet someone new.

How We Can Help

At Carer’s Network, we provide carers with flexible in-home respite. Whether you need planned breaks during the week, on weekends, overnight, or even during holidays, we’ve got you covered. Our responsive services extend to emergency or crisis situations, ensuring you have the support you need when it matters most. We can support you in a range of circumstances:

Regular In-Home Respite Care:

Scheduled and consistent respite provides caregivers with planned time off in order to tend to their personal life, whilst ensuring a familiar routine for Participants.

Irregular In-Home Respite Care:

Flexible scheduling based on the caregiver and Participant’s needs. This option suits caregivers who have unpredictable schedules or specific events that require temporary relief.

Emergency In-Home Respite Care:

Our responsive services extend to emergencies or crises, ensuring you and your loved one receive the support you need when it matters most.

Our In-Home Respite Care Services

Carer’s Network can support your loved one with a range of care services:

Personal Care Supports

A cornerstone to enabling those living with disability to remain independent in their own home.

Domestic Assistance

Whether it’s doing laundry or cleaning the house, we will take the time to learn exactly what you need help with.

Community and Social Participations

We can support you in getting out more, do more of what you enjoy or work towards achieving goals.

Frequently Asked Questions About In-Home Respite Care Services:

How do I know if in-home respite care is right for me?

In-home respite care is beneficial for those who need temporary relief from caregiving duties, whether on a regular, irregular, or emergency basis. Additionally, it maintains Participant’s comfort and routine at home. Our professional support staff are ready to answer any questions you may have about in-home respite care. Click here to contact us.

Why Carer’s Network for in-home respite care?

At Carer’s Network, we believe in providing compassionate and personalised care that meets the unique needs of our clients. Our approach focuses on maintaining the highest standards of care while ensuring the comfort and well-being of both caregivers and Participants.

Can you guarantee qualified, experienced respite carers?

Carer’s Network guarantees that our carers are fully qualified and abide by all statutory regulations governing the aged and disability sector. Our carer’s hold a minimum of a Certificate III in Individual Support or equivalent, with many holding a Certificate IV, Diploma, or even degrees in Nursing.

Our care staff are fully screened and undergo continuous education to ensure the highest quality of care.

What process do you have in place if I want to request a change of care worker?

Feedback relating to staff allocated to support and care for you can be provided at any time without prejudice, and another Carer will be allocated to your care immediately. There are no notice periods or cost implications if this were to occur.

Carer’s Network is dedicated to maintaining a culture of open communication, transparency, and accountability. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do, and Carer’s Network is dedicated to caring for our clients in the way they wish to be cared for.

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