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Privately Funded Home Care Services

As a private provider, Carer’s Network is able to offer our in-home care services and supports in a private capacity.

About Privately Funded Home Care Services

You may at any time wish to pay additional funds to top up your care package, purchase additional services or extra support, or perhaps even treat yourself to some extra assistance every now and then.

If you require additional services that are not covered under government funded arrangements; or if you want some extra one-off help, Carer’s Network and our Carers can support you in whatever you need.

How We Can Help

Carer’s Network is available to provide private support for you, or your loved ones, in whatever way that you choose – tailored to your specific needs.

Two key reasons our clients opt for privately funded in-home care services or supports:

May not be eligible for government-funded care

Although you need extra support to keep living independently in your own home, you do not meet the eligibility criteria for funded care services and supports.

Funding provided does not completely meet support needs

You may wish to purchase additional services that are not part of your funding package for extra support and comfort.

If you need assistance accessing privately funded in-home care services, our team is ready to help.