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In-Home Care Services for Home Care Packages

Here, you’ll find information about government-funded Home Care Packages (HCP) and the in-home aged care services we provide.

About Home Care Packages

The government funded Home Care Packages (HCP) program supports Australians over 65 years of age to live independently at home for longer. There are 4 levels of funding, depending on an eligible recipients’ care needs.

As an approved Home Care Package provider, Carer’s Network is passionate about providing our clients with professional, courteous in-home care services and support.

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Our In-Home Care Services

Have you been approved for a Home Care Package by My Aged Care? Our qualified and trained team can help you set up your package and create a tailored care plan so you can start receiving assistance at home. With Carer’s Network, you’ll be matched with a complimentary Client Services Manager, who will help you get the services you require.

Personal Care

A cornerstone to enabling you to remain independent in your own home.

Domestic Assistance

A clean and tidy home can significantly influence your health, wellbeing, safety and comfort.

Community and Social Support

Social connection is an integral part of maintaining physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Home and Garden Maintenance

Tending to your home and garden is essential to maintaining quality independent living.

Respite Care

Regular breaks are essential to maintaining the health and wellbeing of carers and those they support.

Home Care Packages Explained

The process of receiving a Home Care Package can appear a little confusing, so we’ve broken it down into six clear steps of what you can expect during each stage. If you need assistance navigating the My Aged Care system, Carer’s Network can help guide you through the process.

Registering with My Aged Care:

Before you can access government-subsidised aged care services for the first time, you need to register and apply for an assessment. Initial registration with My Aged Care can be completed online or via phone.

This registration is divided into three steps:

  1. Answer questions about your situation
  2. Provide your details (including your Medicare card details)
  3. Arrange your assessment

Getting Assessed for My Aged Care:

A government representative from the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) will come and meet you in your home to discuss your needs.

To Prepare:

You can expect some questions about your day-to-day activities and where you may need support. They may ask to speak to your doctor or specialist. You can track your application at any time by logging into your My Aged Care account online or by calling 1800 200 422.

Getting Approved for a HCP:

You’ll then receive a letter from My Aged Care with the outcome of your assessment and a copy of your support plan developed during your assessment. This includes the level of care that you’ve been approved for.

At this point, Carer’s Network can provide you with an interim care plan so you can access privately funded services while you wait for your HCP to become available.

Join the Waiting List:

There is a set amount of Home Care Packages that the government subsidises, so you will need to wait in the queue for one to become available. Packages are allocated through the national priority system.

You can keep track of your place and expected wait time via My Aged Care. You can expect a letter three months before you receive your first package so you have enough time to get ready.

Receiving Your Confirmation:

Next, approved applicants receive a confirmation letter stating that an HCP has been assigned to you, along with the start date.

To commence your services, you’ll need to pass on the referral code provided in your letter to your chosen Home Care Package provider. If you are receiving interim care services from Carer’s Network, we can easily transfer the funding over to your HCP.

Start Receiving In-Home Care Services:

During this step, Carer’s Network will help create a personalised care plan that meets your needs for living independently at home.

We’ll start with an obligation-free consultation in your home to discuss your exact requirements so we can match you with the most suitable care team.

Why Carer’s Network?

Accredited Private Home Care Services and Supports

We are an accredited and certified in-home care services provider held to the Aged Care Quality Standards of Australia.

In-home Care Tailored to Your Needs

We know you like things done a certain way, so our highly experienced team will work with you to understand your unique needs.

Carer’s Network is sensitive to the needs of our clients and takes on board all cultural and linguistic differences. Where possible, we will recruit to accommodate our clients’ specific requirements such as preferred language or cultural fit.

In-House Support Team

Our team of qualified and experienced in-home support workers are screened and selected by our dedicated internal team of recruiters. All staff are thoroughly vetted and police checked.

Additionally, our entire support team is in-house, from 24/7 rostering to after-hour support, so you can expect a high standard of service no matter who you interact with.

No Hidden Fees

We’ll provide you with a complete overview of your plan, including how much care you will receive, your budget and all fees you can expect to pay. Understanding exactly what fees and charges you will need to pay is an important consideration when choosing your partner in home care.

Dedicated Client Services Manager

No matter how much or how little support you require, we match all our clients with a complimentary Client Services Manager.

What are the Costs?

There are four levels of Government funding for Home Care Packages.

The cost of aged care services varies from person to person. It depends on the care you are eligible for, the provider you choose, and your financial situation.

While the Australian Government may contribute to the cost of your care, you will also be asked to contribute if you can afford to. The fees you contribute towards your package budget can include a basic daily fee and an income-tested care fee.

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Levels of Government Funding for Home Care:

Funding Level 1
Basic level care needs
Funding Level 2
Low-level care needs
Funding Level 3
Intermediate care needs
Funding Level 4
Higher-level care needs

These figures are set by the Australian Government and are correct as of 1st of July 2024. They are subject to change, and are generally updated annually.

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How to get started in accessing government funded aged care services

If you’d like to access government-funded aged care services, there are a few things you’ll need to consider and do. Depending on your situation and the type of care you need, the process and timescales differ. To help you understand what’s involved and get more information, you can create your personalised guide to aged care via the My Aged Care website:

Get Started

Seeking support from an advocate

If you’re seeking, or receiving, government-funded aged care services, it’s common to need some support to work out what’s best for your situation. If you do, you might find an aged care advocate can help.

My Aged Care provides information on accessing advocates here.

Or, you can seek information on the Older Persons Advocacy Network.

Getting support

You don’t have to be alone in your aged care journey. You can talk directly to Carer’s Network about any concerns you may have through our contact page.

My Aged Care provides a range of support for those seeking more information about understanding the aged care system, knowing your rights and making complaints:

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If you have concerns about any aspect of your aged care experience (or a loved one’s), it’s important you raise them.

You can contact Carer’s Network any time about any concerns you may have and you can do so anonymously via our “Your Voice” platform. Or, if you’d like to make a complaint directly to My Aged Care, follow the link below:


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