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What Is The Difference Between Plan Management And Support Coordination?


Managing an NDIS plan can be a complex task, especially for those who are new to the journey. Services like Plan Management and Support Coordination are designed to assist participants in turning their plans into actionable steps. In this article, we’ll delve into the distinctions between Plan Management and Support Coordination, exploring the assistance they provide, eligibility criteria, and how they can optimize your plan and funding.


Understanding the Difference

Plan Management and Support Coordination often collaborate to offer guidance and expert advice to participants seeking assistance in managing and executing their NDIS plans. The primary difference lies in their focus: Plan Management handles financial administration, while Support Coordination concentrates on supports and providers. Additionally, eligibility criteria differ, with Plan Management accessible to all participants, while Support Coordination is contingent upon meeting the ‘reasonable and necessary’ criteria.


Plan Management: Your Financial Ally

Think of a Plan Manager as your personal plan accountant, handling intricate financial tasks associated with your plan. This NDIS-funded service incurs no out-of-pocket costs for participants and can be included in your plan during reviews or at any other time. Plan Managers can assist with:


  • Receiving invoices and paying providers on your behalf
  • Lodging fund claims through the NDIS portal
  • Tracking the funding and supports budget
  • Managing financial reporting for upcoming plan reviews or audits
  • Providing expert advice on any NDIS plan-related matters


Support Coordination: Guiding Your Provider Journey

A Support Coordinator manages the provider-related aspects of your plan, helping you connect with providers aligned with your needs. Regardless of how your plan is managed, this service is accessible if deemed ‘reasonable and necessary.’ Support Coordinators can assist with:


  • Unpacking the details of your NDIS plan
  • Finding and connecting with the most suitable providers
  • Tracking your progress
  • Preparing for your plan review meeting
  • Providing expert advice on provider and support-related matters


Making Informed Choices

Understanding the distinctions between Plan Management and Support Coordination empowers participants to make informed choices based on their specific needs. Whether navigating financial intricacies or seeking the right providers, these services are designed to enhance the NDIS experience and help participants achieve their goals. Reach out to these support services during your NDIS journey to make the most of your plan and funding.